The good old days..

I bet not one guy who's grown up in the last couple of decades or so not heard a sentence beginning with "You know when I was young we didn't have ___________" from our elders. We as a race have progressed technologically more in the last century than all the other centuries combined. And things only seem to get even better... or is it?

True today our favourite drama is just a press of button on the TV remote away. All the information in the world is just a mouse click away. And all our closest friends are just a phone call away. We live in an apparent technological utopia where every thing we want is literally at the tips of our fingertips (pressing buttons, after all, requires fingertips no??). Take away all these amazing modern marvels from our lives and our world turns into a dystopia where we are more lost than Rakhi Sawant trying astronomical physics. Our gadgets are an extension of our lives without which some would even deem as a life not worth living.

As I sit here tearing my hair out because of 80 gigs of data I lost in my SHAMsung hard drive and banging my head on the walls because my Xbox finally showed me the red ring of death, I realise that it was my grandparents who had it easy. They never almost got a hemorrhage because they l0st 50 movies that the spent a year downloading because in the part of the world they grew up in, people hadn't even heard of movies. To them games meant gulli danda and hide-and-seek and not tapping away some buttons on a controller. They could probably find immense pleasure in just skimming pebbles on the surface of a pond whereas I can't even find any pleasure in watching television (an invention that fascinated them when they first saw it and still amazes them today). They probably walked miles to spend some time with their best friends and yet today I lose touch with mine even though I can talk to them anytime and anywhere on my cell.

Scientists say that part man and part machine creatures (a.k.a Cyborgs) will become a reality in the near future. I say that they are already here. Look around you. Try taking a cell phone from any of those shady businessmen and they will gouge eyes out before relenting. Ask a business executive to give up his Blackberry and he'll offer to sell his mother just to keep his precious
emailing device in his pocket. All those software techies, they would rather give up their penises to save their precious thinkpads. Try blocking orkut in college and you'll probably have a riot on your hands. Isn't this proof that the bionic human race is already here. The implants may not be biological yet but they certainly are psychological and emotional.


Touche ! What more can I say ? The overuse of Technology has cost us a lot . Maybe the gadgets should be reprogrammed . Like , you can call me a dozen times a year only if your cell phone can detect my physical presence once a year . :D Crazy , isn't it ? Brake lagaoon kya ? ;)

December 11, 2007 at 10:54 AM  

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