Murphy-ism In My Life

In my opinion Murphy (whoever he was) was one of the wisest of men. His law regarding everything that can go wrong going wrong cannot be truer. I see it everyday in my life, the lives of those around me and the lives of everybody else. Here are some of my takes :

  • The cable goes at precisely the climax of a great movie which you, surprisingly, haven't seen earlier. It shall return not a moment before the start of the ending credits.
    • Corollary: The cable works fine when you are watching some really shitty movie and conks out only AFTER the credits start rolling.
  • The phone is usually on low battery whenever a charger or power outlet is unavailable.
  • The most anticipated movies are somehow released the weekend before some crucial work/academic deadline.
    • Corollary: On those rare weekends you do happen to be free there will be no good movies to watch or tickets shall be unavailable.
  • Your pet shall wake you from your slumber only when you are dreaming of the girl you've had a crush on for the longest of times (and unlike real life, in the dream you were about to get her too)
  • The rare important messages that you get on the phone will only come when you are eating, driving, attending a call of nature, in an important meeting, sleeping or otherwise engaged.
    • Corollary: The messages that you receive when you are relatively free are always spam or some useless forward.
  • Your computer hard drive shall fail the day before you planned to back up all your important data.
    • Corollary: Computer hard drives tend not to fail as long as they don't contain any important data.
  • Your software will have a critical update available for it only a week after it has already crashed.
  • The RJ never announces the name of a really nice song at its end if you happen to catch it on the radio whilst flipping through stations.
  • The power company always cuts the power when you walk back home from work at night and its a moonless night. The power will return only after you reach home.
  • The apparel/car/electronics company shall give heavy discounts only after you have already emptied your wallet buying their most desirable product.
  • The stock market only goes down when you invest in it. (This isn't that true these days thanks to the economic boom and all)
  • Your gadget will conk off only after the warranty expires.
  • Your friends are always in town either when you aren't or you just don't have the time.
    • Corollary: When you come to town your friends choose precisely that time to make that long delayed trip somewhere out of town.
  • The day you plan to get drunk is a dry day or the liquor store doesn't have the liquor of your choice or you can't find a drinking buddy.
  • Auto-drivers, rickshaw walas, taxi drivers are always around to pester you when you already have your own car.
    • Corollary: Those unfortunate days when you don't have personal transport are the days when the aforementioned pests are nowhere in visual range.
  • The day you finally have the time to read the newspaper at leisure is the day that the journalists have nothing to report about.
  • The girl your really like is always dating the guy you really hate.
    • Corollary: The girl who really likes you is usually the one you hate the most.
  • The only people who do better than you in life are the ones who you hate the most or would like to make jealous the most.
  • The only people who read this blog are the ones who don't appreciate it!!


I beg to differ with your last statement sire . The fact that I am a frequent visitor to your blog proves that I do appreciate it . :P

November 29, 2007 at 5:06 AM  

I don't agree with the last statement now...after reading most of your blog i have come to appreciate it :)
Wish i could be a sarcastic writer who puts a smile on the face after reading such rantings (don't get offended!). :P

December 12, 2007 at 3:24 PM  

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