This is the true storee,
Of a lad, not so wee,
Hell, he was twenty three,
On an afternoon, twas lazee,
Something wondrous did he see,
A channel called India Tee Vee,
A news channel it claimed to bee,
But not so easily fooled was hee,
Firstly he saw a man as bald as can bee,
Some called Rajat Sharma jee,
On a program called Adalat aap kee,
With an eclectic varietee,
Of what they called celebritee,
But you gotta be kidding mee,
What kinda celeb is Mr. Emraan Hashmee??
But you must forgive hee,
For he did not watch many a moviee,
But nevertheless, so hooked was hee,
From that afternoon on a Tuesdee,
That after a day not quite stress free,
All he could do is rub his hands with glee,
And get his daily dose of India Tee Vee,
One day he saw a particular Arjun jee,
Who called himself an ACPee,
And reported on the latest crime spree,
But it was hard to take him seriouslee,
Reporting on crimes most grislee,
With a cap and lathee,
He laughed most painfullee,
At this journalistic mockeree,
On national Tee Vee,
But then it was time too see,
The special report at 8 thirtee,
It was not a report on the crashing BSEee,
Or the Nuclear deal called 1-2-three,
But rather about a family in Delhee,
With a secret rather ghostlee,
The chota beta or was it bet-ee?
Who was possessed by an entitee,
And going by the video-photographee,
The spirit was not so friendlee,
But one thing it was surelee,
Was absolutely 100% funnee,
But was the best was yet to come, you see,
Coz special report was only the entree,
As the 9' o clock news was readee,
With a grave faced anchor ladee,
And breaking news exclusivelee
To be shown only on India Tee Vee,
And what be the breaking news ask thee?
No, not the latest from a certain Chidambram, P
Rather, the "touching" love storee,
Between tigers, not two, but three,
So dumbfounded was hee,
That he had to slap himself sillee,
Before he could believe this ludicrousee,
A tiger love triangle did he see??
Not in a movie but on a news channel called India Tee Vee??
But then the laughter set in, you see,
He laughed til it was way past three,
Then thanked God for this stupiditee,
For it was the only relief provided by He,
From his tedious life that kept him otherwise busee,
And from that day on does hee,
Pray daily for the long life of Mr. Rajat jee,
And his beloved India Tee Vee,

At this point, a confession I must give thee,
Coz I believe in total honestee,
The story above has been about mee,
Mee, mee, yes, mee!!
I must admit rather proudlee,
I am the biggest fan of India Tee Vee,
and its number one entertainee!
So death to those who hate dearest Mr. Rajat jee,
and call him a stupid old baldee!!

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