To:  The Director & Scriptwriter for Chandni Chowk to China

Honorable Mr.Nikhil Advani & Mr.Sridhar Raghavan,

This is regarding the travesty that hit a cinema screen near us on the 16th of January. This is regarding the two and a half hours that I would have rather spent shovelling cow dung. This is regarding my ears that bled on hearing Mr.Kumar yell "Mere Akhrot!!" on being kicked in the nuts. This is regarding the eyes I gouged out on seeing Ranvir Shorey in that ridiculous wig. This is regarding the brain haemorrhage I had trying to follow the inane script. This is regarding the insult to Newton in the scene with the flying umbrella.

In this petition, I have but one request. Please spare us the misery and ignominy of having to sit through Chandi Chowk to Africa as hinted to us at the end of CC2C. And just to be sure, could you kill yourselves to ensure that the sequel is never made. 

Concerned citizens of Chandni Chowk, China & anywhere where intelligence may reside  


The Undersigned

And that was Blog No.2

A New Beginning

This is probably the oldest cliche in the book. The celebration of the earth completing a complete revolution around the sun as a monumental point in our lives. Nevertheless, a Happy New Year (albeit belated) to those who read my blog (probably numbering no more than 2).

Its been ages since I blogged. Don't know why but wasn't in a blogworthy mood all of last year. Maybe cause of a job and commute that sapped all my energy. Perhaps the farce of appearing for a string of MBA exams with no hope of clearing them drained me of any blogging urges. 

But in 2009 I shall subscribe to a whole new cliche - The New Year Resolution. No, I don't pledge to lose weight. Already did that last year :)! I don't promise to get a new hobby. Can barely keep the old ones alive! But I do promise this to myself; a blog every week. So thats 52 blogs in 2009.  And this was blog number 1.

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