Seen the news these days? There's always some famous dude being jailed and let out again. There's some poor old woman whose husband got murdered. There's some unfortunate little girl who survived intense brutality at the hands of her employer. All these sensational stories which appear as breaking news on the Megahertz of bandwidth which we sadly call news channels. No matter what happens, be it a nuclear bombing of the Parliament or just Amitabh Bachchan farting at his son's wedding, these pioneers-in-the-cause-of-letting-us-know-the-truth are always there. And what is the first question that is asked to these hapless victims after a mike and camera is shoved into their faces? "Aapko kaisa lag raha hai?"

Now, I might be crazy but asking a woman how she feels after her husband dies is like pouring salt, pepper, acid, base and some radioactive polonium on an open wound. Isn't it obvious that the woman is in pain and can't these "journalists" at least have the courtesy of at least offering their condolences before shooting their mouths. Same thing with Salman Khan when he got back after a week vacationing at the Jodhpur jail. A Times Now reporter asked the same question and a witty Salman quickly retorted, "Bahut bura lag raha hai. Mere ghar waale chahte the ki main jail mein kuch aur time bita loon". Now I'm not the biggest Salman fan. I am such an anti-fan that I would like to run him over with the same Land Cruiser he used to mow down those footpath dwellers. But kudos to him for the retort and making the reporter look silly.

It's been years since our TV has been drowned in news channels but the Bhagwad Gita for our home brewed news reporters remains the one piece of paper on which it is written, "always ask aapko kaisa lag raha hai before anything else". Its high time we knocked some sense into these people or maybe its just time i stopped watching the news. Anyways so apko kaisa laga yeh blog padke? Comment karna mat bhoolna!


Gr8 post...bohot achha lag ra hai

May 8, 2008 at 8:48 PM  

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