My Cinematic Psychosis

Let me tell you about a little disease I've been suffering from lately. Began end of Jan and has been raging ever since. The root cause may be the internet upgrade I bought last month. Or maybe I just got tired of watching Top Gear over and over again ( heaven knows I thought that would be impossible). Its well over a month now and this mania shows no signs of ceasing or at least slowing down. Now, you might expect me at this point to say I've been bitten by the cyber love bug or that I'm suffering from pornographitis or that Counter Strike's disease has hit me but I'm afraid I'm suffering from the more common movie mania. And thanks to a 256 kbps internet connection and the scourge of internet piracy, BitTorrent, this affliction of mine has always found the fuel to keep it going. In the last month I watched 60 movies!! Now, for true cinematic buffs 60 movies may not seem much but considering the fact that I work 5 days a week at a 9 to 5 job(at least on paper, the truth is a little different but shhh...!!) I would think its no mean feat.

IMDB is my new best friend. Popcorn is my grub. And uTorrent is my saviour. That is how life has become for me. My human friends are forgotten. The TV as an invention no longer exists. My Xbox lies wrapped in plastic and ignored like a middle child. And the world now exists only in anamorphic widescreen. I rush to get out of office and long to get home to my beloved PC and its plethora of DVD rips. A movie before dinner is a must to build up an appetite and a post meal cinema obviously aids digestion.

This plague has seeped into everything I say or do. I bore my friends talking about cinema verite or frustrate them when I try and explain the wonder of 2001: A space odyssey. Gaddaar must naturally follow when I see the name Johnny. Juno is the new Venus. Stanley Kubrick is the world's greatest mystery. People wonder why I Thank them For Smoking. Babies scare me out of sheer fear that they might be Rosemary's and my favourite dish is Bheja Fry served à la Hannibal Lecter.

Its been 30 days and I still can't stop. That is the wonder of cinema. Its art and its entertainment. It will amaze you, annoy you, shock you, captivate you, humour you, move you and sometimes make you wish it was you on that screen. Its surreal, unreal and real and I love it.


60 dnt tell me it's true..
cannes may appoint u as critic ..

hey! dude get out of 70 mm ... guragon is still not short of birds ... chamak chalos :D

March 11, 2008 at 3:19 AM  

Bravo buddy ! What else can I say ? Even I did not manage to watch so many , now that I am in my "8th semester" . Way to go Lad ! Quick tip , Download all the movies by the Coen brothers and watch them . Almost every movie is rated 7.5 + . But what about Tv shows ? Stopped watching them at all ? HIMYM is back .

April 3, 2008 at 11:15 AM  

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